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With a sprawling campus spread across 4.5 acres at the outskirts of Jalandhar city. The open and green space on campus allows students to interact with the environment. In order to encourage an appreciation for nature and nurture environmental consciousness among children, Manav Sehyog School initiated the concept of Green Innovation. It is the responsibility of students as well as teachers to ensure minimum wastage of the resources and thus perform their duty not only towards the school but the planet as well.

We are very thankful to our esteemed Managing Committee and our Revered Chairman Dr. S.K. Sharma for the installation of the Sewage treatment plant, Solar plant and Sanitary napkin incinerator. With the help of these we guide our students to reuse waste water for the purpose of watering the plants, save energy and how to discard waste in an eco-friendly manner.

Implemented through a range of activities which are part of the campus’ annual calendar, Green Innovation fosters novel thinking and promotes awareness among students about environmental issues



Manav Sehyog School believes in the adage that We make a living by what we get but we make a life by what we give and also upholds the belief that values are the seeds from which all behaviour grows. At the present time, ethical or moral issues are as important as scientific and technological activities and progress. Science and technology provide us with the capacity to possess systematic knowledge of natural and human realities and to improve the conditions of our material life. Moral Values inculcate a feeling of contentment and selfless service. Certainly, the moral values in today’s generation are lacking and generations are confused about their ethics. The children are the future of tomorrow so the lack of moral values especially among this important section of the society is a serious issue. Following the footprints of our philanthropic managing committee members, we are always ready with our structured activities which help our students to imbibe moral values and ethics. We run three major projects to reach our community.


Operation Smile Club

The members of Operation Smile Club motivate the students to donate Rs. 1 per month and for teachers Rs. 50/- per month. The collection is being utilized for needy and deserving school students. The club also organizes visits to old age homes and the students and staff spend quality time with the inmates. A team headed by the Principal Mrs. Rajni Sharma along with students donates commodities to the less privileged class near Village Kangsaboo every year on the occasion of Labour Day, Diwali and Lohri. These kind gestures are nurturing the values of empathy, caring and sharing for humanity amongst the students. It not only gives pleasure to live but also peace of mind and immense satisfaction when a gloomy day becomes a cheerful day for the needy .


Social Awareness activities involve students to understand their responsibilities towards society As a part of this project the students conduct Rally every year and sensitize the villages about Rabies, Cleanliness and harmful effects of pesticides.

Village Adoption Programme

The project was started in the year 2014 with the help of students and teachers and we offer classes in computer software, English speaking, Music, Art and Craft and stitching Initially, we started it from our own village Shahpur and then we had adopted village Lalliyan Khurd after that we decided to choose Village Udhopur and now we switched over to Village Khun Khun.




Trips and excursions form an intrinsic part of our curriculum. The values of life cannot be learnt only within the four walls of a classroom. Values like sharing, caring, benevolence are best imbibed once the children move out of their classrooms. Students, too wait eagerly for these trips where they not only sharpen their inter-personal skills but also strengthen their bond with their peers. Through these trips students get a chance to interact with the teachers and the co-students in an informal setting. Besides being a fun day, the students get to learn various things by actually seeing and being in the natural surroundings. The school has utilized the summer vacation and organized visits to Super Market, Fire Station,Bank, General Post Office, AmusementPark , SaraiNoormahal .These were for the students of Class I to V and on the other hand the students of senior classes attended CPR classes conducted by Dr. S. K. Sharma in Patel Hospital. The students are happy to learn the technique that enables them to help a person before the medical facility. We extend a warm thanks to Dr. S. K.Sharma , our honourable chairman for his forethought and the valuable time that he rendered for the betterment of the students. In the same manner the students of Class XII got a very clear idea about the working structure of different departments in an industry. The students visited M/s Patel Hospital, M/s Alaska Industries, M/s Atam Valves and M/s SMC Sanitation and these visits bridged the gap between practical knowledge and theoretical training in a real life environment. A word of warm thanks goes to Dr. S. K. Sharma, Sh. M. R. Gupta ji, Sh. Vimal Jain Ji and Sh. S. K. Jain Ji for their valuable support and guidance.



All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.
Co curricular activities are an integral part of our school curriculum. They are planned in such a manner that they beautifully merge in the class time- table, thus breaking the monotony of the academics and adding vibrant hues to a student life. The children look forward to participating in these co curricular activities and always try to put their best foot forward.



Investiture Ceremony

Investiture Ceremony marks a significant beginning of the new academic year. It is an occasion when the selected members of the school cabinet are formally vested with power and designations. Every year, the formation of cabinet follows a series of set events. Prospective candidates are first presented their manifesto and then elected by the students through a ballot. Investiture Ceremony is a moment of great pride and honour for every new member of the School Cabinet. It is also the time to shoulder the responsibilities with accountability and humility.

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