Manav Sehyog School

Social Services

Reaching Communities...

"What’s one ingredient that makes a normal citizen a good citizen?" Some answers might include "Obeying laws", "Fulfilling duties" or "Respecting others". But here in Manav Sehyog School, Jalandhar, we believe that it is the strong involvement of the students with their community makes them a better citizen. The students in MSS choose those activities which are suitable to them by which they can give their best to the community as here we strongly believe that no man can live in island. We live in society and need to give back to it our own heart’s content, Students are actively involved in the community service programme in many ways. We have three major programmes in this category. They are - Nav Chetna Club, Village adoption and Awareness Drive.

"NAV CHETNA", a club formed to undertake social work activities by involving students and teachers in several community outreach programs, is the idea of our Hon'ble Principal- Mrs. Rajni Sharma, who has always been a beacon of hope and inspiration in continually rousing and reminding us of the great responsibility we owe towards the under privileged and our nation.

Some of the activities undertaken by the Nav Chetna club have been - Visit to a slum area, Visit to Mother Teresa Orphanage and Charity drives. Large number of students, parents and teachers are involved in these activities, with the main focus being on our students – the visionaries of tomorrow, who are groomed into becoming compassionate and socially responsible human beings.

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Village adoption

The school has adopted Village Lillian Khurd, near Jalandhar. The teachers and the students guided the villagers regarding the importance of English language, use of internet, music, art and craft. We are getting overwhelming response from that village.

In the same manner the school organizes Rally every year to sensitize the masses about the different health issues.As a part of community service, A Rally was carried out by our students at village Kangsaboo, Distt . Jalandhar.The topics were ‘ Rabies ’ and ' Harmful effects of Pesticides ' .Our students made the villagers aware about do’s and don’ts regarding animal bites and harmful effects of Pesticides. Students presented “Nukad Natak” at different places and also distributed the informative brochures.

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